Utah-Idaho Key Club District

Welcome to the Utah-Idaho Key Club District! We are an eclectic mix of ages, genders, occupations, backgrounds, and interests. We are all passionate about making our community and the world a better place. We are devoted to serving our local community and also people all across the country and worldwide through unique and innovative service projects and fundraising initiatives.

Key Club at the District Convention.

Latest Updates

  • Register for the District Convention and Leadership Conference!

    Get excited for the 2022 District Convention and Leadership Conference (DCLC)! On March 4th and 5th, the Utah-Idaho District Board welcomes Key Club members from across the district to join us as we celebrate a year of service… Read More

  • Team Seas Campaign

    The Service Planning Committee of the Utah-Idaho Key Club District consists of Alexandre Andtabacka, Belle Chen, Olivia Wu, and myself as the chair, Madison Jiang. The Service Planning Committee is in charge of organizing service project events and… Read More

What is Key Club?

Here is a quick video that explains what Key Club is.

Key Club is like… shoes!