Team Seas Campaign

The Service Planning Committee of the Utah-Idaho Key Club District consists of Alexandre Andtabacka, Belle Chen, Olivia Wu, and myself as the chair, Madison Jiang.

The Service Planning Committee is in charge of organizing service project events and materials for Key Clubs. For example, one of the service projects we arranged was called Thirsty 30. Thirsty 30 is a month-long fundraising event during November for Key Club’s partner organization Thirst Project. Thirst Project’s cause is to provide universal access to clean water, so the Thirsty 30 fundraiser was done by Key Clubs to help raise funds to build a well.

For a December service project, we the Service Planning Committee decided to raise awareness for an existing campaign called #TeamSeas. #TeamSeas is a campaign started by two popular YouTubers, Mr. Beast and Mark Rober. Their aim is to clean up plastic from the ocean, so they set a goal: they wish to raise $30,000,000 by the end of the year, and for every $1 raised, 1 lb of trash would be removed from the ocean. #TeamSeas is partnering with two ocean cleanup organizations called Ocean Conservancy and The Ocean Cleanup who will be responsible for removing the trash.

The millennials and younger generation of today mainly obtain their news from online social media sources rather than TV. As a part of this generation, we will be the ones inheriting the future and therefore responsible for it. The members of the Service Planning Committee and I were inspired to raise awareness for this campaign. We had made posters and flyers for Key Clubs to hand out, but we also wanted to reach out to older audiences. That is why we contacted TV and news channels to ask if they were willing to do a segment about #TeamSeas. KTVB7, a local news channel in Idaho responded and conducted an interview with us, helping us spread the word about #TeamSeas!

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